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About us

The Optimum Finance story has started in years 2005, with his founder and chairman Patrick de Bossoreille.

After a while working in the managing team of brands as Renault, Fiat Alfa Lancia and BMW Mini, Patrick de Bossoreille decided to combine his passion for beatiful mechanics and his expertise about the global chain of automotive market, launching Optimum Finance. 

Financial, manager, collector, pilote, consultant for television Patrick de Bossoreille combines knowledge and expertise to provide the best support in your projects.

Optimum Finance manage three different department :

  • Share holding in private companies mainly involved in automotive business, 
  • Management & development of their market portfollio,
  • Financing & advising services dedicated to automotive market investment.

Thanks to its financial partners Optimum Finance is able to establish the direct or indirect financing solutions, from classic credit leasing, which best fits to your business, or your whims.

Since 2015, Optimum Finance is partcipating to a new adventure that combines its financial and automotive expertise to an inetrnational ecological project, incorporating the consortium in charge of the development of Plasmacat solutions.

Managing your automotive portfolio

Our customers are mainly business leaders in charge of their company’s fleet. THANKS to our expertise we offer them :
  • Sizing their fleets based on their activity (type and size), dealing with 2 or over 100 vehicles,
  • To provide financial intelligence to optimize their automotive park including dedicated vehicle forf the management team.

Generally our customers start by simply asking advice, they implement after on any type of vehicle - light truck to Tmax or scooters BMW or a Mercedes AMG or even a Porsche ...

Our special relationship with the biggest manufacturers enable us to respond positively to most of their needs or desires. Do as they do: Ask Us.

Financing your passion

Optimum Finance is all about the passion of the automobile and the means to achieve your dream by financing solutions adapted to your needs with OUR main partner Alphera Financial Services, BMW Financial Services subsidiary.
One example? You dream to drive a 991 Turbo Porsche. This is possible for 1500 € per month depending on your annual mileage and the car aging, and we can offer a « little car Â» Twingo for 99€ per month.
Contact us and we'll help you find the best car matching with your budget.

Optimum : Partner of M6 Turbo TV show

Plasmacat : To meet automotive passion & technological ecology

Optimum Finance joined the ecological adventure brought by Plasmacat in 2015.
Plasmacat is developing electronic technology to control diesel exhaust emissions as well as to reduce fuel consumption for all fuel-oil combustion equipment.
Plasmacat’s technology for clean combustion is foremost a humanitarian adventure for its inventor and CEO who has a passion for bringing environmental innovation to industry.
Plasmacat started by proving their technology for burners in boilers in the US with a long standing plan to turn their attention to adaptation to diesel vehicles. www.plasmacat.org is the future of clean diesel combustion.
To meet the success it deserves in the automotive market, Plasmacat continues to build a consortium around them in which Optimum Finance is proud to provide its expertise. 
  • Plasmacat.
  • •Pandora Ip : Global Charity Licensor - Environmental Innovation (wwww.pandora.org).
  • •Merlyn International taxes : international taxes expert.
  • •Main Stay StayIP : firm of seasoned and experienced intellectual property professionals.
  • •Digital LBI : digital strategy specialist.
  • •Optimum Finance : in charge of European Market development.

To contact us

We welcome you to Paris and by appointment.

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